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Workshops & Circles

I host live Authentic Belonging workshops and Circles in Berlin, as well as for festivals and communities worldwide. I design unique and immersive experiences in the art of embodied connection & authentic intimacy by combining methods from Authentic Relating, HeartIQ, Circling, movement and embodiment methods (such as The Embodied Present Process, Non-Linear Movement, Contact Improvisation, etc.)

I frequently team up with some of my favorite co-facilitators and mentors, combining our unique gifts in creating the most juicy and enriching connection flows.

We usually begin each event with embodiment and self-connection, moving into the art of relating, tribal connection and celebration.

 Some of what you’ll learn, experience and play with in our events:

~ dropping masks and conditioned relational habits

~ relating with yourself and others from a more authentic expression of your own truth

~ being fully honest while still respectfully, compassionately connected

~ honoring self and other

~ daring to ask for what you (truly) want

~ experiencing deep intimacy with yourself, your body, others and the world

~ experiencing tribal co-regulation, celebration and support

~ practicing the art of deep listening, getting another’s world responding in a way that leads to immediate deeper connection.

Join the tribe!

Stay tuned for upcoming events:

Programs & Trainings

I regularly collaborate with peers and social health organizations such as SeekHealing in offering connection programs that teach skills for healthy communication, mutual support and meaningful relationships.


Upcoming programs:

~ Listening Training (12.01.2023 – 23.02.2023)

~ The Art of Clearing Conversations (start date to be announced)


Stay tuned for upcoming programs and courses:

“I’ve been in several Connection Circle sessions facilitated by Manuela and every time I felt safe to express all of me there. I love her clarity, her “no b***t” approach and her way to guide people to drop into their bodies and to connect deeper with themselves and with each other.

She knows how to maintain a healthy structure while at the same time creating flow and welcoming what is alive in the present moment.”


October 2022 – Eindhoven, Holland