About me

Welcome, I’m Manuela. I am a somatic coach and facilitator for Authentic Relating and Leadership as a path to personal and organizational transformation.

I believe that healthy leadership in the world begins with self-leadership, rooted in our own capacity to attune and connect to ourselves and to our environment. And that most of our pain and disfunction, whether on a personal or collective level, stems from a loss of belonging – the great silent wound of our times.

Through my own personal healing and integration journey I became a researcher of the nuts and bolts of what makes and breaks true belonging, secure attachment and meaningful connection. I’ve come to understand that regardless of our past wounding, these are skills that can be learned and joyfully practiced.

I stand for normalizing the full spectrum of our human experience and using it as a doorway into a deeper experience of our Wholeness.

My greatest gift and passion are to support You on your own hero’s journey of true Belonging through your fully embodied humanity.

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Like many of us, I come from a history of broken belonging through personal, cultural and generational trauma and disconnect. My early conditioning was to keep striving for perfection as a way to earn love and belonging. To be whatever was expected of me. To never fail (as if that was even possible). To try to be ‘special’ and keep improving and achieving, to prove my worth through competing. I had no idea who I might be behind these layers.

I learned to compensate for the lack of attunement and connection in my upbringing through addictive behaviors, disconnecting from my body and living mostly in my thoughts. I ended up shutting down some of my creativity and pursued scientific studies, finding comfort in the precision and mystery of quantum physics. Yet I always suspected that there was more to life and that a larger, loving Intelligence might be at play behind the curtains.

With 17, while feeling profoundly lost, I was blessed to meet a community of friends and mentors who turned my life around and inspired the learning that later became my purpose. I journeyed with them for a decade, traveling around the world and participating in mindfulness and meditation trainings while also finishing my academic studies.

My learning and healing path continued to unfold through over two decades of exploring nonduality, intuition work, neuroscience, psychology, energy healing, non-violent communication, art and creativity, embodiment, dance, technology and business consulting. All the gifts harvested through these practices now inform my work, combined with my most recent facilitator trainings in Authentic Relating, HeartIQ and The Embodied Present Process (TEPP).

“Manuela and I have facilitated online relational intelligence Circles together on multiple occasions, over the course of about six months. I trained as a clinical psychologist, and I would put Manuela in the top 2% of facilitators I know, for her ability to skillfully hold space for others, from a place of congruence and supportive insight.”


July 2021 – Denver, Colorado