Private Sessions

Embodied Wholeness Coaching

Through uniquely tailored practices and guidance, I support you to access the integrated intelligence of your whole Being as a way to experiencing greater joy and belonging in your own body, life and relationships.

You will experience the pleasurable relief of moving beyond the limitation of habitual thinking and control patterns into whole-body perception and intuition. I will guide you in using the portal of the body to connect to your authenticity, your true inner compass and your unique gifts.

During our work together you will be held in a grounded, welcoming presence combined with deep listening, subtle attunement and a genuine curiosity about the Miracle of You.

Rather than focusing on a problem or symptoms to fix, we will uncover how you can more fully embody the unique flavor of your inner genius. We courageously invite the expression of your deepest longings and joy in your life. From there, we work on integrating any aspect of your inner world that emerges in the process, ready to be alchemized into your Wholeness.

I attune to your individual needs to choose the right focus and approaches for each session. This may include somatic coaching, inner parts integration, authentic communication and relational intelligence practices.

Individual sessions are typically 75min long and take place online or in person in Berlin.


Relational Coaching

I support you in any form of significant relationship (whether as a couple, friendship, family member or work partnership) in clearing the blocks to the experience of true connection, ease and belonging.

This option is for you, if you’d like to:

~ develop your emotional and relational intelligence

~ clear the air and resolve conflict in any important relationship

~ learn to joyfully and authentically express your needs, boundaries & desires

~ learn the art of empathic listening and somatic feedback

~ learn to create safety through co-regulating your nervous systems in connection

~ practice attunement: the art of getting someone’s world

~ experience what creates true intimacy and belonging

~ practice secure attachment skills that will serve all your relationships.

Relational Coaching sessions typically last 90 min and take place online or live in Berlin.

“I wanted to share with you how touched I feel now after our first relational coaching session. I experienced a very fine presence and attunement in the way you held space for us. I felt seen and welcomed, and grateful for how both my partner and I could reveal more of our deep selves and vulnerabilities. We are both eager to practice the tools you gave us. I feel enriched for deepening my relationship in the truth and love that I hold.”


November 2022 – Berlin