Programs & experiences that empower you to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships with yourself, with others and with the world.

Are you longing for a deeper sense of belonging and wholeness in your personal life or business?

Are you yearning to access your unique potential and contribution to the tapestry of life?

Are you wondering about your place in an increasingly complex world?

Do you sometimes feel lonely or isolated, even when surrounded by close ones?

You are not alone. While our modern world seems to offer more communication opportunities than ever, many of us still feel alienated, overwhelmed and longing for deeper, genuine connection.

Authentic Belonging takes you on a joyful and experiential journey of Homecoming — in your own body, life expression, relationships, community and the in world at large — where you become genuinely connected to yourself, while freely expressing your unique genius in connection with others.

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Embark on a uniquely tailored journey to uncover your natural Joy and Wholeness through the intelligence of your body.

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Experience Authentic Belonging and relational mastery in live events & community immersions.

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Learn communication & connection skills that lead to fulfilling relationships  through fun interactive trainings.

Hey there, friend!

Thanks for being here. I am Manuela, the founder of Authentic Belonging. I am a passionate explorer and guide in the art of what it means to be fully human.

My mission is to support the emergence of a culture of deeper connection – to our bodies, to each other and to all of life.

I help people thrive in their lives and relationships by fully, joyfully embodying their authentic Self.

My work includes Somatic and Relational Coaching, Communication Trainings, Authentic Relating events and Heart Circles.

You can find out more about me and the journey that inspired my work here.


In working together you’ll feel empowered to:

~ feel at home in your body and life, connected to a sense of wholeness

~ uncover your unique brilliance and find the gold in each aspect of your inner world

~ confidently express your voice, creativity and gifts

~  embody more of your unique essence and leadership

~ feel grounded, nurtured and inspired in your life and work

~ create meaningful connection in any circumstance with authenticity and ease

~ experience true belonging without having to compromise your authenticity

~ confidently and compassionately express your needs and desires in key relationships



Client Feedback

“Manuela creates a warm and safe space where it is easy to open up, to feel seen, and understood. The combination of knowledge, experience and empathy she brings to the table makes it easier to get deeper in touch with myself and to share more of myself with others. After each training session with her I felt deeply connected with myself and the world.”


November 2021 – Berlin


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